Chihuahua With Blue Eyes

A Chihuahua is a very unique dog breed because it has an almost endless variety in patterns, colors, and markings. Almost any color combination can be found on both the short haired Chihuahua and long haired Chihuahua.

Due to the amount of combinations that can be found, not all the markings are recognized by AKC.

Sometimes a Chihuahua could have blue eyes, and this means that this dog is a hidden merle. A merle is not really a color, but it is more of a pattern of marbled or mottled colors in a dog’s coat. Usually merle’s would have blue eyes or other unique colors.

Although some people think that blue eyes on a Chihuahua are a “defect” on them, but in most cases it is not true. This situation is considered as a serious fault in the show ring.

If you are looking to buy Chihuahua with blue eyes, you don’t need to worry that your dog is a defect, because it is not. It is one of the most unique Chihuahuas that one can find.

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  1. I really love these teacup chihuahua. Mainly the one that is full grown & still in the teacup. Please email me the price,sex,& color.

    I like white, shorthair,female. What do you think ? Let me know.

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