7 Interesting Facts About Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is a dog breed that was originally bred as a hunting dog to retrieve hunting trophies when going for a hunt. The word ‘retriever’ in Golden Retriever literally means to retrieve hunt rewards. The word ‘golden’ is due to its golden fur.

Hence, the Golden Retriever.

They were bred as a dog that enjoys swimming. When taking the prey, they are trained to bite the prey slowly.

The intelligence and cleverness make Golden Retrievers as multipurpose dogs. Nowadays, they are used to help the police with drugs raid, to search and rescue, to hunt, and to guide. They are friendly, patient, and always want to please the owner. Thus, Golden Retriever becomes the most popular family dog breed in the world.

Golden Retriever’s fur are very dense and waterproof, they can be straight or slightly wavy. Their fur usually fall really close to their bodies. The Golden Retriever’s puppies’ fur are lighter than the adults. Their ears are usually a little darker in color, and the color of their fur will slightly turn darker as they mature. In the past, their fur are usually not very long, because it would interfere with the hunt.

7 Facts About Golden Retriever

  1. Golden Retriever is very popular because they are very friendly and like to socialize with people.
  1. They rarely bark, and have a very strong sense of smell.
  1. They really like to run around, ad play with water.
  1. In Germany, Golden Retriever is often used as cattle herders, they supervise, check, and herd livestock.
  1. In United States, they are often trained to help the police looking for missing items, or a missing person. They are also trained to track drugs, and bombs.
  1. Golden Retriever is a very loyal dog breed, and they are very faithful to their owner. They can be trained to guide the blinds.
  1. They are often used to do some dog shows in a circus.

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