List of Differences Between Labrador and Golden Retriever

Although these two dogs may look similar to one another, to dogs enthusiasts, there are clear differences that distinguish these two popular breeds.

The Labrador Retriever came from the New World working water dogs. They were trained to understand work ethic, stubborn streak, and suitable to work for long hours in harsh condition.

Whereas the Golden Retriever came from the UK, and was actually bred as a hunting dog. They were trained to help the hunters hunt, and catch the preys.

In terms of appearance, in a simple answer, a Golden is a lab with long hair and sometimes also a curly perm. Usually a Golden Retriever also has deeper chest, and tighter waist compared to a Labrador, but this can’t really be seen properly due to the Golden’s thick coat. Another difference is a Golden will have a little bit more rectangular outline compared to a Lab. The next one is, a Golden tends to be bigger than a Lab.

But the major difference that makes many people choose a Lab instead of a Golden is the ability of Labrador to swim. This breed is a natural born swimmer.


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