Labrador Retriever Common Health Issues

Being strong, smart, friendly, and playful doesn’t stop Labrador Retrievers suffering from some health issues.

Just like all other dog breeds, Labrador also has its vulnerabilities. These common health problems are more often to hit Lab instead of other breeds.

Because it is prone to these diseases, it is a good idea to know what diseases that can affect your Labrador, so you can make an early detection and make everything easier.

Some of the common diseases that often hit Labrador are: blood-clotting diseases, skin problems due to allergies, tumors and cancers, heart disease, and hormonal disease.

Although it is not 100% that any of these diseases will hit your dog some time in life, but there is nothing wrong with knowing them. To prevent all these diseases from happening, you need to take care of the food that your dog consumes.

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