Labrador Pitbull Mix Puppies Information

Labrador Pitbull mix breed is a very common breed because it can naturally mate with each other. This breed is also often called as Labrabull, or a Pitador.

A Labrabull is a very talented dog who loves to engage in energetic activites like herding, jogging, guarding, weight pulling, etc. The temperament of this dog is affectionate and loyal.

It is a very active breed, and a Pitador requires daily exercises to keep it calm. If you really want to adopt a Pitbull Labrador mix, make sure that you have a lot of free time to take him for an exercise.

The average height of a full grown Labrador Pitbull mix is around 24 inches, and its average weight is between 45 – 90 pounds. The coat of a Labrabull is dense and silky.  A Pitador can stay alive up to 14 years in average.

If you live in the United States and are thinking to adopt a Pitador, the average price of a Labrador Pitbull mix puppy is around $400, and you can easily get them at the nearby kennels.

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