Labrador Puppy Food – What, How Much, and How Often?

If you just adopt a Labrador puppy, just like anyone else, you want to give your baby the best food that you can afford.

Kibble is ground meal, which is shaped into dried biscuit. It looks like pellets and it is very easy to buy, store, and fed. It also can provide your Labrador puppy with everything it needs in one easy to handle food. There are many brands that provide you with a range of kibble, and they are usually formulated to suit the needs of your baby.

There is a lot of debates about whether kibble is the best thing that you can feed your dog. No one is sure about this, but there is no doubt that all Labrador puppies love to eat it.

If your puppy is still not 3 months yet, feed it 4 times a day. Between 3 to 6 months old, feed it only 3 times a day, and when it is older than 6 months, feed it just twice a day.

Talking about the quantity of the food, feed it more and more everyday as your puppy grows older.

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