Miniature Labrador Full Grown Information

A Miniature Labrador Retriever owner will always be so happy in life because it is the cutest, most active, and friendliest dog that anyone could own.

Its characteristics is the same with a regular Labrador but the size is much smaller. If you would like to own a Labrador but you are lacking of space in your house, then this dog is a very suitable companion.

A Mini Labrador has been gaining popularity because of its size. Many people think that a regular Labrador is indeed to big to own, and they choose a toy dog as an alternative.

The height limit of a Mini Labrador is 18 inches tall, and can’t grow taller than 18 inches. Its average weight is also much lesser than the regular one. Other characteristics are the same with regular Labrador and carries the same temperaments as well. Their coat colors, their eye colors, and their appearance, completely resemble a regular Labrador.

In the United States, due to its rarity, the price of a Mini Labrador is more expensive than the regular one, and its average price is around $900. It is a bit hard to find this breed, but you could visit some kennels and order them to find the dog of your dream.

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