Rottweiler Chow Mix Puppies Information

A Rottweiler Chow mix puppy is actually more common than anyone thought.

If you have seen a puppy with any other colors of tongue, but not a pink tongue, it definitely has some Chow blood. Chow Chow is one of the only breeds that has a purple tongue.

A Rottweiler Chow mix is a very intelligent breed, but also hard headed. The temperament of the a Chow Rottie is sweet, stubborn, and a bit difficult to train. It is not very aggressive towards people, but it is very aggressive towards small animals like cats and birds.

The great thing about a Rottie Chow mix is that it is a natural sniffer, runner, and hunter, it can be trained easily as a watchdog.

A Rottweiler mixed with a Chow Chow usually has a longer and thicker coat compared to other Rottie mixes. If you live in the United States, the price of a Rottweiler Chow mix puppy is around $500.

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  1. I had a Rottweiler-Chow mix for 16 years in a house full of cats, and she was never aggressive towards any of them. She was extremely dog aggressive however. Pretty sure she would’ve eaten any little one that got in her yard much the same way she did the snakes and occasional rat.

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