Rottweiler Coonhound Mix Puppies Information

A Rottweiler Coonhound mix is considered a very rare and weird hybrid. In the United States itself, it is very hard to find this hybrid.

Some people may have this hybrid dog from accidental mating of a Coonhound and a Rottie.

If you want to adopt this hybrid, it will be really hard to actually find someone selling this mix breed. If you desperate to own one, you can make a Rottweiler Coonhound puppy yourself at some kennel clubs.

The average weight of a full-grown Coonhound Rottweiler mix is around 60 pounds to 100 pounds, and its average height is 23 inches to 27 inches. The average life expectancy of this Coonhound mix is around 11 years.

The temperament of a Rottie Hound mix will depend on its parents, but most likely it will be very loyal, alert, obedient, and confident.

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