Rottweiler Corgi Mix Puppies Information

Although it is a rare possiblity, but a Rottweiler Corgi mix hybrid can still happen. In the United States, there are quite a few numbers of Corgi Rottweiler mix puppies around.

Currently, there is an increase in the amount of popularity of this hybrid.

The temperament of a Rottie Corgi mix breed usually follows a Corgi’s temperament. Thus it is friendly, outgoing, bold, playful, and tenacious.

The size and weight of a full grown Corgi Rottie mix also usually follows the size and weight of a Corgi. It doesn’t matter what the other breed is, but normally when a breed is mixed with a Corgi, they always end up with the height and weight of a Corgi. The average life span of a Rottweiler Corgi mix is around 12 years.

If you live in the United States, and you are looking to buy a Rottie Corgi hybrid, it is a bit hard to find a place selling this hybrid. So it is easier if you make one at a kennel.

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