Rottweiler Cropped Ears – Can it Actually be Done?

If you are looking for a Rottweiler with cropped ears, and is asking yourself whether it is possible to get one, there are two answers for this, yes and no.

Shortly it is possible for you to crop the ears of a Rottie, but there is no reason for you to crop its ears.

Naturally the ears of a Rottie is floppy, and there is no logical reasons for anyone to let its Rottweiler suffer just to get cropped ears.

Try to imagine yourself in its position, where you get your ears ripped off. What would you feel?

Some people want to get its Rottweiler to have cropped ears because they want it to look more badass. They think its more cool than floppy ears. So there is NO reason for you to crop your Rottweiler’s ears.

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