Rottweiler Stud Service – Fee and Information

If you have only have a female Rottweiler and you don’t have the male one, but you want to mate your dog, a Rottweiler stud service is your answer.

A Rottweiler stud service provides a wide variety of male Rottweilers with different criteria. They have a normal Rottie to a Rottie that has won many competitions.

If you mate your dog with a stud service, you can get high qualities puppies from those champion dogs.

Although it sounds like a very good deal, the price is also quite expensive. The price of this service differs from the quality of the male Rottie that you choose, and the price range is usually from $500 to $2000. If you pay this amount, you don’t need to worry about the health and credibility of the male dogs, because the males need to be healthy without any health problems and have complete documents.

Some websites that can help you with the stud service is:, and

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