Rottweiler VS Pitbull – Which Dog Breed Is Right For You?

Which dog breed is the right one for you? Rottweiler VS Pitbull?

In terms of watchdog ability, the rottweiler is better in watching out for intruders. Rottweiler is more alert and will bark if it senses an intruder’s presence. Having a reliable dog to watch your house can give you more peace.

In terms of adaptability, the American Pitbull is better to adapt. Pitbull can alter and respond to its environment. Pitbull is more accommodating with regards to apartment living. Pitbull can resist hot weather more than Rottweiler.

In terms of exercise needed, the American Pitbull requires more exercise. If you love to exercise, Pitbull would make a wonderful companion.

In terms of shedding, the Rottweiler sheds more. Although shedding is a normal process, some owners might find it troublesome. In terms of family orientated, the Pitbull is better for kids. It could grow up side by side with the kids, and become part of your family.

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