Toy Poodle Full Grown Size Weight and Height

A Toy Poodle is also called as Teacup Poodle and French Poodle. There are three sizes in the Poodle breed, Toy Poodle is one of them, and the other two being Standard Poodle and Miniature Poodle.

The average weight of a full grown Toy Poodle is usually around 5 to 10 pounds, and considered to be among the lightest dog breeds. The average height of a full grown Toy Poodle is around 10 inches. The life expectancy of a Toy Poodle is around 12 to 15 years.

In the United States, the price of a Toy Poodle is normally between $350 to $500, but sometimes it could be as high as $1000.

The Toy Poodle is a very intelligent dog. It is highly responsive, and considered as one of the most trainable breeds. They are very popular among families with children because they are small, sweet, cheerful, perky, and lively.

Poodles’s fur (coat) only shed a little, but they still require grooming every 4 to 6 weeks. Most owners rely on professional groomers to help them. Make sure to do a regular grooming for your Toy Poodle to avoid painful skin infections.

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